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There are various ways to support my endeavors here at Lost Coast Post. First and foremost, please visit the blog, leave a comment if you have a moment, and tell your friends to stop by as well. Input from my readers is invaluable.

Increasingly, I am looking to this space to generate a little bit of income to support my art supply habit and perhaps, ultimately, pay some real bills. That time is far off in the future but in the meantime, here are the ways you can fuel my artistic explorations so that in turn, I can document those experiences for all to read here at LCP:

Tip Jar:

In my blog's sidebar, you'll find this wee owlet and if you click on that image, you'll be wisked away to PayPal where you can make a donation. PayPal has a very strict policy about how "donation" buttons are to be used (nonprofits only) so now my tip jar is actually a "Buy Now" button in disguise. You'll notice that the "PRICE" line is blank. You may type in any amount you desire and then proceed through the PayPal system as per usual.

Society6 (as of February 2017)

I will be slowly adding more art to Society6 as I figure out the platform so you can order my art as prints or printed on any number of items such as pencil pouches, laptop skins, phone cases, pillows, bath mats, coffee mugs, and T-shirts. Click this link to be transported to my Society6 storefront.

Affiliate Links:

In the interest of disclosure, I am affiliated with and clicking on Amazon links at Lost Coast Post generates a bit of change per purchase made via that link.  I only feature links to specific items that I personally have purchased and subsequently recommend.

Art for Sale Posts at the Blog:

I have finally figured out how to insert PayPal buttons on the blog so occasionally, I will do a post featuring art I have for sale. If this is successful, I will continue to sell in this manner as it is less complicated than selling at Etsy. Otherwise, I will probably reopen my Etsy shop as a way to sell my work beyond the boundaries of my hometown.

Here's a link to my most recent "Art for Sale! post:

And Speaking of Etsy:

I am currently having a huge internal debate about whether or not to maintain a shop at Etsy. So much has changed with Etsy in the years since I opened a shop there (and not necessarily for the better.) I've provided the link below but it is currently shuttered as I try to make a firm decision one way or another. If my Etsy shop becomes active, I will announce its reopening on the main blog page and you'll be able to find the shop link in my sidebar as well.

Lost Coast Post Etsy shop

Looking to the Future:

I am considering many different options for using my art to help pay the bills (Society6, online classes etc). Whatever route(s) I choose, please be assured that this blog will NEVER, EVER become one of those sites that solely exists to generate income. I will NEVER post ads or links to products, services or classes that I do not use personally. If I eventually need a full-time online store (or decide to make online classes a major source of income,) I will create a separate site so that Lost Coast Post remains focused primarily on inspiration and information free for all. For now, I am just looking to gather spare change here and there so I can take art supply purchases out of my regular household budget.

Any way that you choose to support me and Lost Coast Post (including simply visiting the blog) is deeply appreciated!