The Studio Beckons

I didn't mean for so much time to lapse between posts but I am, for once, trying to let my body's [irritatingly slow] healing process take the lead. I've had much more fatigue, pain, swelling, and bruising with this surgery; three weeks post-op and my foot is still not ready to come down off the elevated pillows for long periods of time. I am returning to the studio by degrees though and dabbling in a little bit of everything for as long as I can tolerate it. There's not much time left now in my summer break and I am overwhelmed with preparations for a brand-new art program and teaching focus at work come September. (I'll write more about those exciting developments soon.) In addition, my annual October art show is looming so there is certainly no shortage of stuff to do. 

Healing from surgery has its ups & downs and some days, it's more down than up. However, if I manage to spend even 15 minutes at my studio table, I remember that art makes everything better. Life isn't perfect but it can be colorful, playful, and creative. I can't wait to get back to doing and teaching art at my usual pace.


Peggy Jo Farr said…
Love kitty! Purrrdy! Michelle your art work perks me up. It makes me smile and giggle and feel good! I know you are not feeling all that great at the moment, but I pray you start to heal faster. Amen!
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you are making the most of this slow healing process - that cat is fantastic! Bit by bit, it will get there, although I know it's tremendously frustrating. Hang in there!
Loulou in Texas said…
Yes, definitely keep remembering that art makes everything better. I'm glad it's perking you up!
Keep up the good attitude and the good work!