Upcoming Radio Silence

Journal play continues as I navigate the holiday season. Thanksgiving here in the US is over and the advertising frenzy is well underway as we roll towards Christmas. I hope these days, dear readers, whether you are here in the US or abroad, are filled with joy and peace, family and friends. For my part, I am keeping my head down, squeezing in art time whenever possible and focusing on making the next two weeks as productive as possible before my foot surgery on December 13.

Heads Up:
Every year, between December 26 and the onset of the new year, I take a break from blogging. It is an important time for me, something I like to call the "magic hour of the year." It is a critical and cherished blog intermission that I use for planning, dreaming, organizing, recharging, relaxing. This year, due to my unexpected appointment with an operating room in mid-December, I'm going to begin my blog hiatus a bit earlier. It is always a bit risky to push "pause" on posting for an extended period of time - I typically lose a follower or two - but I can't see any sense in blogging while trying to recover. Each post-surgery journey (this will be my 12th) gets more grueling to navigate and I'd like to simplify those days as much as possible. I hope everyone will hang with me until after 2017 begins. There'll be a few more posts between now and December 13 but I wanted to make sure I had posted some advance notice of my upcoming radio silence.


Unknown said…
I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery and a (very early) happy and healthy 2017!
Ryusho said…
Thank you for sharing your art and process this past year. It has been an interesting year full of challenges for all. Thank you also for your vulnerability in sharing little things about your life and health. I wish the best for you this holiday season and I too log off and disconnect the last two weeks of the year. It is a good time to renew one's spirit and create space for the new year and all it will certainly bring.


I wish you get well soon Michelle.See you in 2017 :)
gretchen said…
well i, for one, will certainly be here when you return! best wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery. enjoy the magic hour!