New Ideas Brewing While I Rest

I'm in the middle of my spring break, girl cat curled beside me while I wait out the pain and swelling from a cortisone shot I received this morning for a new fibroma that has developed in my left foot. Aside from this little glitch, it has been a relaxing, productive time. I'm working on several post ideas and tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be back on my feet and taking pictures for those posts. I'm also moving deep into prep for my October show which is super exciting as I am taking another wild risk with technique and theme. Some of you have asked me to describe how I prepare for an art show so I thought I'd do a series of posts detailing my process. While school is still in session (just nine weeks remain in the school year,) any major production work will wait until mid-June but there's plenty to do before I start devoting consistent studio time to this project.


JShelby said…
I'm excited to hear more about the risky new ideas and techniques for your upcoming show! (but don't worry, I can be patient)