On the Path

The past few days, I've been seized by fresh energy, inspiration, and motivation. My creative side tends to pick up steam as I slide towards an extended work break of some sort. I LOVE teaching art but it doesn't leave me with enough "oomph" at the end of the day to focus my own work. It is just a factor of my physical status...not enough "spoons" to go around.

Anyway, my head is buzzing with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm for the many, many projects-in-process that crowd my brain and my studio. Maybe it's because the planets were all in alignment recently or because the reality of Parkinson's clarifies my vision and priorities...whatever the reason, I have this incredibly confident sense that I am on right path, that I am finally headed in the direction I was meant to go. It is hard to find words to describe the feeling without getting mired in woo woo-sounding lingo and impossible optimism. And yet...

Ultimately, I don't believe I have to articulate what I'm feeling for it to be real. I don't need the understanding or validation of others (although that's nice.) What I'm experiencing exists for me and that is enough. It is so fabulous and even when I don't have the energy to explore where this feeling can take me, I just sit back and enjoy the knowledge that great things are going to happen when I do have time and the wherewithal.

Note: I would be neglectful here if I didn't send out a huge "THANK YOU!" to all the readers of Lost Coast Post: whether you read along silently or pop in with comments (or even tip jar donations!), this space and my art are that much more rich with you in it. As I pick my way down the path of purpose, I feel so lucky that the sidelines are packed with such a supportive bunch as yourselves!


Loulou in Texas said…
Yes, it IS real, and more great things ARE going to happen in your life!
I had to laugh because just last week I was talking to someone and I suddenly hoped that I wasn't coming off as woo woo-sounding.
Best wishes for a wonderful, creative break from work!