A New Year Arrives

Happy 2016 everyone! Lost Coast Post is reopen for business: art pics, random ramblings, wondering aloud, the occasional whine mixed in into a generally upbeat outlook no matter the obstacle, and a smattering of self-promotion. I expect this new year to be full of challenges (good and bad) and exciting explorations. There's a slow but steady shift in my art life happening and those changes will surely be reflected in this blog.

The Year of Story:
Every year, I choose a guiding theme for my art. Sometimes I blog about it and sometimes not. I've actually used "story" as a quiet touchstone in the studio for about three years now, something I just kept in the back of my mind while I was working or trying to decide what to focus on. It's time to bring "story" right up front and time to let this theme permeate my year and my life. I'm ready and my heart is open to all the possibilities. 2016 will be all about bringing stories and characters to life in a wide variety of mediums. My subconscious has been pushing for this for quite a while; it is time to listen to my own fondest wishes.

New Year, New Media:
I anticipate some changes in how I communicate my art life to the wide world. I'm continuing to work on video production. The learning curve is tremendously steep and riddled with potholes but I'm bumping along fairly gleefully as I've wanted to bring videos to Lost Coast Post for a really long time. In addition, I received a very nice microphone/pop filter setup for Christmas along with the suggestion of doing a podcast. I'm giving it some serious consideration. Oddly enough, most of my non-art related work experience is in radio and television broadcasting (both civilian and military.) However, things have changed radically since I last spun vinyl records at a radio station; hence, my hesitant and awkward inroads into modern day audio and visual production. However, I am willing to keep practicing and playing. I don't think I'll ever gain the technical prowess of some art bloggers out there but hopefully, I can pick up enough tricks to add some different types of media to this site. 

About the Included Photo:
This is the first page I did on a project (started late November) that I'm calling "Tribe." That was the first word that came to mind and I've decided to stick with it. This is the beginning of my exploration of "storybooking," highlighting the tribe of characters that saw me through childhood and formalizing new characters that arise from my own imagination. The word "light" is part of a sticker that actually reads "delight." There is such symbolism in the interplay of those two words. This book is part deliberate act and part serendipity, a dance between acute awareness and the subconscious. Whether I've proceeded carefully or recklessly, I have been completely delighted with the results on these pages. Lots more from this journal coming soon... 


Emie58 said…
I'm glad your muse has shown you a path to follow.... That's most of the battle I believe. Just jump in with the audio/video stuff.. I'm excited to see where this all takes you and I'm happy to be along for the ride!
Denise C said…
Welcome back and Happy New Year! Looking forward to being inspired again by your art and your journey.
Loulou in Texas said…
Welcome back, Michelle, and Happy New Year! I've been anxiously awaiting for your first post of the new year, and I know I'll enjoy following your continuing story and meeting all your new characters.
Best wishes!
Aimeslee Winans said…
Happy 2016, Michelle. I'll be waiting to enjoy Tribes. I'm also hopeful you will share your adventures with the videoing...and editing. I bet there are many of us just like you, wanting to learn but have to ride that learning curve. Good weekend to you, xoxo