Snippets: Weeks 31 and 32

I'm easing back in to projects other than painting...sort of...the new school year has begun but it is still two weeks before students are actually on campus. This means I'm in a two-week sweet spot where I am able to enjoy the remains of summer break while preparing for teaching. So I'm doing a little bit of everything which includes journaling. Here's my latest Snippets spread:

If you've been following the progress of my Snippets journal, a 365 project for 2015, you might realize that something is amiss. If you say "Hey?! Where's weeks 29 and 30?" you are absolutely right: there are two missing weeks. This is what that spread currently looks like:

In my push to complete work for my show, I set aside almost everything else. I lost two weeks on my Snippets journal because something else got in the way. This inevitably happens on extended projects and there are a couple of ways to cope. I could just play catch up and pretend I actually did those entries on the days in question. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that approach; I know people do it all the time when participating in Project Life. The other option is to acknowledge the missing weeks and do something else in that space. I've decided to go with the latter choice; I want to remember that in the summer of 2015, there were two glorious weeks in July where I lost myself in the studio. I have plans for this spread and I'll post another shot of these pages when they are complete.

Bottom line: Don't let getting behind discourage you from moving forward.


Chrissie said…
You are such an inspiration! Thank you!