King Boris the Blunderous Finds a Home

I've only shown a few of the paintings I did for the Sparks of Madness show so here and there, I'll post one or two when I don't have time to do anything else. I started back to work this week and so far, I am exhausted...and there aren't even students on campus yet! I hope this is just some sort of adjustment period and that I'll find my footing in the teaching world again after a rollicking good time this summer, making art to my heart's content.

This piece, acrylics on an 18x24-inch canvas, is titled King Boris the Blunderous Practices Balancing. King Boris took his time appearing to me; I had this canvas up for a couple of days, turning and twisting, looking for something in the background until I was on the verge of despair. Then, at about 3am, in the slow glow of the white lights that circle my studio space, I spied him, tiptoeing through an ancient forest, a little birdie friend accompanying him.

I know the purchaser of this piece and know that it is destined to belong to a little boy named Arden. Arden's grandmother took him to see the painting and ever since, Grandma has been spinning stories about King Boris and his birdie friend they named Natasha. It seems King Boris is a sweet-tempered, helpful chap who goes about rescuing wayward animals in the forest. Arden has no idea that Boris is actually coming to live with him at Christmas time and I would pay good money to see the reveal on Christmas morning.


Heidi said…
How nice to know the paintings future home! I love the fact that the little boy and his grandmother are making up stories to go with it.
brenda lee said…
I adore the title, the energy in the painting, and just the happy feeling it brings. How wonderful for King Boris to be going to live with Arden and how wonderful of his grandmother to make it so.

Please continue to share these pieces. They are simply amazing and wonderful. I'm so glad you trusted your inner voice and brought them to life. I hope they make others just as happy as they make me.