Snippets: Weeks 19 and 20

Last Snippets posting, Laurie asked if I was working directly in the journal or if I was creating art separately and then gluing it onto the page. I answered her in the comments but in case that reply was missed, here's my answer again: I do a little of both. To provide a bit more detail, I thought I'd list what I did on each day so everyone can get a better idea of how I work in this journal.
May 4: Collage of book images, magazine word, sticker
5: Book image, stamping, handwriting, scrapbook paper, sticker
6: Cropped photocopy of old journal page, book image, washi tape, sticker
7: Cropped photocopy of old ATC, stickers, scrapbook paper
8: Book images, piece of name band from that day's ER visit
9: Purchased collage material, rub-on number
10: Purchased collage material, junk mail clipping, book image

May 11: Hand-painted numbers, hand-painted monster (collaged onto page)
12: Magazine clipping, purchased collage material, number clipped from Bingo card
13: Found photograph, magazine clipped number
14: Cropped photocopy of old journal page (collaged onto page,) office date stamp
15: Scrapbook paper, Bingo number
16: Wrapping paper, hand-stamping, clipped words, scrapbooking embellishment, date stamp
17: Cropped index card from previous ICAD challenge, scrapbook paper, stickers 

And although these items do not appear in this particular pair of pages, I also draw or paint directly onto the page as well as gluing in little cartoons my son has drawn.