I work in bursts: bursts of inspiration, projects, energy, interest. Case in point: last summer, while laid up on the couch for the better part of 12 weeks healing from foot surgery, I worked passionately on my Sketchbookery journal, balancing supplies and subject in my lap or, once I was allowed, at my studio table while my foot rested atop a pillowed chair. I created a lot of ink and watercolor sketches in that journal and then *poof* my attention turned to other pursuits.

Recently, I returned to that sketchbook and tried to jump back in to the rhythm of seeing and drawing. My first effort since September 2014 is a bit wobbly & wonky due to time away and shaky hands; thankfully, this technique actually benefits from less-than-perfect lines and although I was discouraged at first, I ended up loving the final page. I definitely feel a burst of enthusiasm for this journal again.

P.S. Does anyone else feel like they have a pair of scissors for every possible task?? Once I started digging, I was a little embarrassed by my collection. It would take two or three more pages to document them all.


carol said…
I love this kind of watercolor journaling, I'm trying to get better at it, mine don't look quite like this yet! ... and yes I think I have all the scissors you have pictured and then some!
Seth said…
Love that page!!
Leone said…
Love your sketching and I'm really in love with your minuets!!