The Year of the Story

Here we are: first Monday of the new year and time to put into practice any resolutions, commitments, or goals we set for ourselves as 2014 slipped away. I know many despise the practice of resolution-making but for me, it is an incredibly important and useful tool. I create very detailed resolution lists and check in periodically throughout the year to keep myself on track.

I also used to choose a word for the year but discovered that didn't really work for me so for the last three years, I've chosen one or more "The Year Of..." phrases to inspire me in the studio. Last year was "The Year of Illustration" and "The Year of Watercolor" and I think I made great strides in both throughout 2014.

2015 is "The Year of the Story." It is time to start taking my illustrations to the next level. I want to begin to more fully develop characters so they can begin to tell the jokes and stories rattling around my brain. I want to pull those creatures off paper and into the 3-D world by doing more in sculpture and assemblage, whether it be in clay, fabric, paper mache, found objects or fabric. And speaking of fabric, I want to accomplish a lot more sewing. Fabric projects, especially ones that get passed down family lines, definitely tell and hold stories in their threads.

Even with my Parkinson's slowly advancing and the possibility of another foot surgery this summer, I am beginning 2015 practically floating with optimism, enthusiasm, and inspiration. I think there are many wonderful creative days ahead.

As far as this space is concerned, I am hoping to get back to posting at least twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays.) You might even see a series of Saturday posts. This is my ninth year of blogging and although I often question whether or not to continue Lost Coast Post in the face of the shrinking world of art blogging, I am definitely committed to posting throughout 2015. I hope you'll join me (and perhaps send your friends this way.) As usual, I have no doubt there's a wild ride ahead...Happy New Year to all! Let's get this party started!  


Saskia said…
I wish you a beautiful and creative year! Your 'creatures' are great, I'm looking out for more! :)

Smiles & best wishes, Saskia :)
mary warren said…
..."the shrinking world of art blogging..." all the more reason for you continue!! We need the inspiration...belive me.
As much as there are people leaving the world of art blogging there are also those who are just discovering and loving it. I keep on coming to your blog, regardless of the regularity of the blog posts.I believe blogging about your art somehow encourages you to keep on creating, too. Sharing makes me feel fine. I hope it does the same for you. Happy new year...Let the wild ride begin:)
Anonymous said…
Hi Elizabeth - HAPPY NEW YEAR !! : ) I've been dropping by on a regular basis since I discovered your blog through last summer's Sketchbookery class (loved it and your art). I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts - no matter how infrequent they can be at times : ) yes the world of art-blogging has changed, some have left and some have just started, I really enjoy some new but mostly LOVE the ones (like yours) that have been around a while and know - I mean "know" - what they/you are talking about ; ) sooo, I hope you stay inspired, your health issues stay under control - hope - and you keep this New Year enthusiasm going - I'll keep checking in and saying "hi" : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )
Michellem said…
I'm terrible about commenting but I love your work - your critters always make me smile! The fact that you keep pushing creatively despite your challenges is quite inspiring - I look foward to your creations in 2015.