Postal People

I'm slowly working on a few informational posts regarding watercolors and the supplies I use but I am spending a lot of time prone on the couch, especially since I've started physical therapy.  Therapy right now simply consists of painful wound care (specifically debridement) and trying to keep the non-healing part open and clean so it can get through the slow healing process without further complications.  It may be a few weeks yet before I actually get to start weight bearing and gait training.  A new school year starts in about a month so I'm getting anxious about the snail's pace of my post-op healing but there's not much I can do to hurry along the process.

In the meantime, I am continuing to work in my sketchbook that I began in the wake of taking Sketchbookery from Mary Ann Moss.  I especially loved creating these pages of "Postal People" to practice modified contour drawings of people.  For the first page, I used old yearbook photos as a reference.  For the second set of doodled people, I used a handy book full of photographed facial expressions titled - appropriately - Facial Expressions by Mark Simon.  This book has more than 3000 expressions created by 50 male and female models representing a wide range of ages and ethnicities.  These photos can be used to develop realistic drawings or funny caricatures.  It just gives you something to look at when developing a face that goes beyond the overused blank expression.  (I've written about that topic before: here and here.)  Anyway, these were super fun to do and I have no doubt I'll create a few more before this journal is finished.  

PS...Thank you to everyone who has voiced their well wishes since my surgery and of course, thank you to one and all who continue to visit this little blog of mine despite my inconsistent posting schedule.  Whether you comment or not, I feel your supportive presence and that inspires me to keep this space alive. 


Marcia Beckett said…
I love those people stamps. So fun. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly. I was trying to comment on your last post but my phone kept freezing up the other day. Hope you feel better soon!