Time to Refill the Well

"Dwell in Possibility"; 18x24 inches; acrylics
My painting fever of the last couple of weeks has cooled to normal and I haven't painted in several days.  In fact, I've done no art whatsoever.  I guess I needed a break after throwing myself at the paint and canvas with wild abandon.  As I've said, my impulse to paint comes and goes on a whim so I am hoping I get back in the mood before my show in October.  The desire to paint isn't something I've been able to force so now I wait until inspiration strikes again.

I'm also in between journal projects and I have been aimlessly casting about for the next big idea.  I know I don't want to start another long-term journal so I've been brainstorming possible themes for a small journal or artist book...so far...zippo.  Maybe I'm just burnt out in general.  Luckily, a dear art friend is coming to visit this week and I am always deeply inspired by her presence.  It's time to refill the well, folks and nothing does that better than a kindred spirit.


Sim said…
Wouaouh! You're the master of colors Michelle! :)