Watercolor Wednesday: Greyscale Yearbook Portraits

I absolutely love it when I can combine multiple challenges in one project!  So today's Watercolor Wednesday also serves as entries 7 through 12 in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge as well as characters 150 through 155 towards my goal of 365 characters in 2013.  (A mere 210 characters to go! Ha!)

These greyscale portraits were painted on vintage tabbed index cards from old yearbook photos using only white goauche (opaque watercolor) and Payne's Grey.  The point of this exercise is to learn to really see, compare, and translate changes in value.

My yearbooks are all from the 80s so I focused on the teacher photos since they were less...um...afflicted...by all that 80s hair and sad fashion choices!  I would love to get my hands on some older yearbooks (say from the 50s) so I can continue this series.


gem said…
These are awesome, and LOVE the three-fer you got outta this set :) I happen to have a 1945 yearbook in my possesion, be glad to scan some pages and send you if you'd like!

~ gem ~
Marcia Beckett said…
Those are fantastic! I have some old yearbooks. I can rip out some pages and send them to you if you'd like. Otherwise you can find them on Ebay.
Cate Rose said…
Cool portraits!
aimee said…
these are amazing! i bet these folks would love to see what they look like in watercolor!
Angi said…
What a great idea and these turned out wonderful. Love the small format too. Less intimidating? Ran across your work through Pinterest. Glad I did!