Lovin' Those Links

It's finally Friday and that means, that in April and now May, it's Link Love Friday!  Here's where I'm sending you all this week:

Free downloads of art instruction books from Andrew Loomis, courtesy of Illustration Age.  The books are in the public domain; just click on the book covers and download the complete book in PDF format!

Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA has been sharing her Spoleto/Umbria sketchbook page by page.  Just go to her home page, scroll down, and be amazed!

It's that time of year again!  The Index-Card-a-Day challenge (lovingly known as ICAD), is going into its third year.  It begins on June 1st so click here for in depth information on this fabulous challenge.  To see all of my ICADs from last year, visit this Flickr set.

Alisa Burke's husband, Andrew Gunthardt, is a fantastic artist, especially with a ball point pen in hand.  Check out his post on Alisa's blog on how to use a ball point pen and then check out Andy's own blog for more amazing pen work.


gypsy said…
it's amusing to read all of our link-love blog post titles, trying to add a twist to the names. Your links look like fun and I shall explore!
Patricia said…
Great links!! I actually included you watercolor post in my Link Love this week!
Anonymous said…
LOVE your index card art!!!

I saw that tutorial from Alisa Burke and was so inspired. Reinforces my deep belief that creating art doesn't have to be expensive ... hey, so does the ICAD project. cool!

Natasha said…
Thank you for sharing the Andrew Loomis link. I am so looking forward to ICAD this year. Andrew is an amazing artist. His penwork is incredible.