On Meeting Royalty

All this week, I'm showing this set of pieces I'm calling "The Denizens of Fiddlestick Hollow."  You may or may not recall that Fiddlestick Hollow is the ficitional place I go in my head when I'm practicing my illustration skills.  I've been developing this little world here and there for over 13 years and bit by bit, it is revealing itself to me.

His Majesty, King Douglas the Befuddled
As I worked on these illustrations, I was delighted that a narrative sprang to mind almost immediately.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the court of His Majesty, King Douglas the Befuddled.  (On Monday, you met the court's pet dragon and yesterday introduced the king's two sons.)  In addition to some of the court, I've also chanced upon many of the unique and wacky creatures that populate King Douglas' realm and you'll see those critters too in coming days.

I've had so much fun playing court artist that I ran through every last piece of black mat board I owned.  Once payday hits in April and I can run to the local frame shop, I'm going to stock up.  I have a feeling many more Fiddlestick Hollow citizens are patiently awaiting their debut in the real world.


bellefrogworks said…
I am loving King Douglas the Befuddled! Love the whimsical figure and all the visual texture. Wonderful imaginative work
Melanie said…
He looks so funny.
Liefs, Melanie