Beginning the Next 365 with a New (Insane) Project in Mind

Happy, happy new year to you all!  I love this date as it is ripe with possibilities, hope and ideas.  And my idea for 2013 is a big one, something I hope to have a cheering section for because it is going to take everything I have to make thought reality.

I blame the lovely iHanna for planting this notion in my head.  It seems simple enough at first blush: Create 365 of something in 2013; iHanna is focusing on collage but this project is fully customizable to each brave individual that answers the call.  Further contemplation reveals a daunting task.  Historically, I don't last long in these types of challenges but there is much to be learned in the attempt.

So I am putting out there on this first glorious day of the new year:  I intend to create 365 Characters in 2013.  Here's the why and what of this declaration. 

In 2012, I began to swing my focus towards honing my illustration & storytelling skills; I see that focus sharpening in 2013.  Illustration can take many forms: drawing, painting, soft sculpture in fabric or hard sculpture in clay.  However I choose to bring a character to life, I hope that each one will be able to tell a wee visual story.

My characters will be human, humanoid, creature or critter.  No doubt a smattering of robots will appear.  Many of these characters will be created in the course of other projects such as teaching samples or work for a show.  Many more will be created "just because."

I am not setting a weekly goal for myself because I know my life too well.  Basically, I'm going to launch myself towards the number "365" and see how far I get.

And since today marks the beginning of this crazy adventure, my first character is out on safari, exploring the jungles of the unknown.  I drew and colored her head and then drew and detailed 10 other pieces to construct her body.  Basically, this is grown-up paper doll work.


iHanna said…
Oh I'm so glad you're joining me and doing this Michelle! Yay, I will make a button and post it tomorrow or so. I like you, realiazie it'z quite an insane idea/project but let's just try it in January. If by the end of Feb I don't have even 50 collages I will reconsider! OMG, it sounds way too much for me... we'll see!

Happy New Year!
Cynthia said…
Oooo, I'm so excited to see what you will create!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! =D Love LOVE the little safari girl! The background is gorgeous too!
Terrie said…
I read Hanna's challenge too and am giving it thought - don't want to enter into it lightly, but I do like the idea of a goal - a commitment. Yours is extraordinary and I can't wait to see what you make all year.... Here's to a creative, productive 2013.