More Convergence Journal (aka "The Kitchen Sink" Journal)

The "kitchen sink" journal experiment (more formally titled Unexpected Convergences) is ongoing and today's post reveals three more pages.  It just so happens that all these pages feature some sort of altered classic painting; that really isn't a "theme" of the journal and in fact, as I progress and loosen up, my pages contain more of my own drawings, paintings and personally-created collage material like photocopies of old journal pages and photographs I took myself.

I am also realizing that most of my journal pages in this book contain very little writing.  Ever create an image and then think to yourself "It needs some words or writing on it to feel complete"?  I do that all the time and I think it is just force of habit rather than reality.  If the journaling process yields a meaningful image that can act as a symbol for an event, emotion, or thought then sometimes words are just redundant.  I don't have to spell everything out because really, who am I spelling it out for?

In addition, the image doesn't have to represent anything.  Perhaps the process itself is meaningful or symbolic.  When my hands are hurting especially bad, just working on a journal page represents an obstacle overcome.  Sometimes I use my journals to practice images I'll use later on canvas for a show.  Sometimes I'm trying a new technique or product.  (I usually separate this stuff out into journals reserved for that purpose so part of the "kitchen sink" test is that I include the experimentations alongside or within other work.)

I think the whole point of this journal is to recognize and subsequently let go of self-imposed rules.  Rules have a place and purpose but for wild abandon creativity, rules just get in the way.


Sarah said…
LOVE the dart board as halo - I will totally have to steal that idea from you one day

and, in general, I am really enjoying the pages from this journal, keep going! :)
Unknown said…
This journal has been my fav so far :)
Sim said…
Wondrous pages, wonderful hats!
I looooove! <3
Netty said…
Terrific pages, fab design and colourings. Have to agree not every page needs words as the pages reflect the mood at the time. x
indybev said…
Thanks for sharing these journal pages, which are very creative and original and all of which feature some sort of hat appropos for our challenge this week. Thanks for joining us at Three Muses!
Janny said…
What a great Pages!