Featured in Featuring!

I've been quietly sitting on a little secret for the last four months and it's time for the big reveal....TA DAA!  I'm the "Artist in the Spotlight" for issue 2 of Featuring magazine!!!  Featuring is a brand new art magazine based in the Netherlands, a glossy, full color, professionally-printed brain child of artist Marit Barentsen.

Here's what I love about Featuring in a nutshell: it has depth.  It isn't a mash-up of endless ads and beautiful fluff nor is it a clique-y forum for well-established artists to show off their latest products.  Featuring magazine lets the artists' voices shout from the rooftops.  The "spotlight" article is entirely in my own words; after reading my blog, the editors sent me about a million questions and then used my answers word for word - no paraphrasing, no standard interview questions.  I am so proud that my very first publication in a magazine ended up on the pages of Featuring, a much-needed breath of fresh air for the art magazine world.

As an aside, you'll see that I used my maiden name "Reuss" rather than "Remy" for this article.  Both last names are me!  For a little while now, I've been using my maiden name as a sort of pen name on the web.  I felt that since this was such a big step in my art career, it would be only right to honor my roots.  In short, I wanted my relatives to see the family name in print rather than my ex-husband's surname.  All my writings and photos continue to carry "Remy" on the copyright until I can go through the process of officially changing my name...

Additional Note:  Featuring is available to purchase online only (no subscriptions) so to get your hands on a copy, click on over to the Featuring website!


Snap said…
What exciting news, Michelle....good for you!
Cynthia said…
Oh wow! That is AWESOME!! Congrats!!!!
Cate Rose said…
Marcia Beckett said…
Congratulations!! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the magazine!!
Seth said…
A big congratulations. I am also eagerly awaiting for my copy to arrive!
Jennifer McLean said…
spectacularly written Michelle. I'm so glad you loved the article. You made a terrific spotlight artist!

PS, I'm awaiting my mag just like Marcia, OOh, can't wait to see my copy!
Ellen Jarvis said…
I've ordered my issue as well, Michelle -- congratulations on your feature!

Warm regards,
Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
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