Busy with Things Great & Small

Since about the last three weeks of August, I've been caught up in a storm of painting for my upcoming show, lesson plans for the upcoming school year (first class day tomorrow!) and any of a million other things that hit all at once this time of year.

And, of course, when I'm at my busiest, when I shouldn't start one more thing, I get a brainstorm of huge proportions about some teeny tiny goodies.  When I need to be painting large canvases to make my show look full, I have been hard at work on original paintings only 1-inch in diameter.  I have to use my reading glasses and itty bitty brushes but I just love the results!  I've always been one to chase after my whims, even if they lead me from the path I need to be following.  (Sometimes, the implusive dash in pursuit of a new idea leads to a more important destination or, in the least, a fun side trip.)

And what, pray tell, does one do with these mini originals?  Well, my big idea was to create pendant necklaces, enclosing my little owlet paintings in a wee metal pendant topped with a piece of rounded glass.  Add a matching ball chain and you have a tiny piece of art to wear around one's necklace.  The first round of pendant necklaces are now up in my Esty shop.  If they are well-received, more's to come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and subjects.

Hopefully, I'll soon begin to see little bits of free time in my currently insane schedule and blogging will return to a more predictable routine.  Realistically, I think I'm going to be swamped until my show is hung but a painty girl can dream...


sharon said…
Love those little owl babies, and so happy to see Jewelry...YAY! Love them Michelle!
Love those rabbits in the previous post too....
Best wishes for as brave new school year!