Follow That Flame

Many...perhaps most...of my journals are full to bursting with pages in which every square inch is filled with something: writing, collage, pattern, doodling, photo snippets.  I think that in this journal of handmade paper it is fitting that I often take a more simplified approach and let my pages breathe a bit.  Since the pages take multiple layers of paint so beautifully, I often concentrate on creating a subtle but intricate background and keep other imagery to a minimum.  Sometimes I work for days, even weeks on a background, waiting for inspiration to strike as to the ultimate theme or focus of the page.  The pages are naturally textured so I play around with color blending and pattern, letting process take the lead over product.  Push, pull, push, that quiet artistic rhythm, much can be learned.


Linda Kunsman said…
It's a beautiful page Michelle. I love how you allowed the background to shine along with your flaming heart image-you made such a great choice in using the heart with a simple B & W text!