ICAD Mid-Week Check-in: June 4-6

I decided to do a mid-week check-in for the Index-Card-a-Day challenge.  On Wednesday, I'll post about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's cards while my Sunday blog post will feature Thursday through Sunday's efforts.  That said, here's my cards for June 4 through 6.

Things to know about my process:

1) I am working fast...no more than about 10 minutes per card.  That process is made easier by prepainted backgrounds and a studio set up so that once I sit down to work, everything I might need is immediately within reach.  (For more on how I organize my studio, check out this post & this post from last summer.)

2) I'm not taking the prompts in order.  I posted the list in my work space, glance at it quickly and if a prompt leaps out at me, I grab it and take off.  If, in that brief moment, nothing immediately comes to mind, I just start pushing scraps around until an idea emerges.

3) I am making a conscious effort to create a pleasing composition. However, I would recommend that if lingering on how a card looks slows you down, abandon structure and create random marks.  Often the theme or focal point will reveal itself if you just get your brain moving.  And if it seems as if your card doesn't have a "point," remember this: The process is the "point."  At least, that is how I personally interpret the intent behind this challenge and how I am choosing to approach these little bits of art.  For all whole scoop about this project and lots of inspiration, please check out Daisy Yellow.  You'll be glad you did!



chris a said…
Great icads! You inspired me to do them also, and it's a fun way to kickstart my studio time. Thanks for the update
Anonymous said…
Great fun, these are really wonderful. I am enjoying this whole process. xox
iHanna said…
Your cards makes me happy Michelle!