Hello 2018

The Lost Aesops series: "The Octopus & the Minnow"
Well, 2018 is off to a rocky start as I missed my own self-imposed posting deadline due to some virus I picked up over winter break. From December 30th onward, I've been wrestling a nasty lung bug, fevered, hacking, light-headed, disoriented, nauseous. Missed my first day back to work today but I have been cleared to return tomorrow provided I continue to upswing and that I am guarded about my energy output.

A great deal has changed in my health battle, so much in fact that I really don't want to describe it detail for fear of getting bogged down in the enormity of it all. So let's not. In this space, at least for today, let's just talk art. 

After my show, I went through my usual post-show lull in art-making as well as a bit of an uncharacteristic disinterest in art in general. I guess I was so busy just trying to survive my day physically that I had nothing left for the studio. Thing is, art is what truly makes everything else survivable and I had to work to re-establish balance in my days. It was hard at first but I think I have gotten back in touch with my daily art practice and you all will see the results of that effort in coming weeks.

For now, I am making a firm commitment to one blog post per week. There will likely be more than that but this is one area where I have to give myself permission to let go if necessary. You will also start seeing more posts about art for sale. My health care expenses are rising with my level of disability and I need to supplement here and there. THANK YOU to those of you who have supported me via my tip jar! Every drop in the hat helps me breathe a bit easier. And thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for this space to come back to life. That support is soul-nourishing as well! Here's to a new year that gets better and better!


Anonymous said…
Welcome back! So great to see you here again and the Octopus and Minnow is a wonderful way to start out the year!! Sorry to hear about the health issues, but you continue to be an inspiration, moving ahead despite the obstacles.
Leone said…
So happy to see you are back but sorry to hear you have had some serious health problems. Hope you feel better soon. I love your octopus painting.
very best wishes for 2018
Loulou in Texas said…
Happy New Year, Michelle! Hope you're feeling much better this week, and whenever you feel like posting again, we'll be here!
Take care.