The Art is Up

Just 6am here on the northern California coast...the sun isn't up yet and already I feel the chaos of the week's impending work beginning to chip away at my weekend calm. I'm stealing a few minutes though from my horrendously long "to do" list and tapping out this post so you all don't think I've disappeared for good.

This year's show is up on the wall and it looks amazing (if I do say so myself!) In years past, I reserved the main display wall for all new work and kept any older pieces separate on other walls around the store. This year, however, I combined the 27 new pieces I created in the past 12 months with nearly 30 older works which produced a huge, full display representing seven different series I've worked on in the last six years including Figmenta, Sparks of Madness, The Motley Menagerie, Ornithological Oddities and the three newest series The Lost Aesops, Class of '25, and Figments of the [Scientific] Imagination. 
The official "opening" was last Friday and it went well. Someone anonymously left flowers and several co-workers came out to support me. Lots of people came and looked at my art. I'm not a lover of limelight but it feels nice to be seen every so often and it is healthy to make an effort to be seen every so often as well. Art teaching & art making are my life's purpose and passion. This annual show is my opportunity to really shout that out to the world.


Loulou in Texas said…
Congratulations, Michelle! Your show looks terrific!
Anonymous said…
The exhibit looks wonderful! Congratulations on managing once again to mount such a great show.