The Elephant and the Songbird

Here's the final version of the latest Lost Aesop painting I previewed last post: "The Elephant and the Songbird." This was a fun one to paint and I am in love with this color scheme.

The original Aesops' fables were mini morality plays starring all sorts of animals, birds, and even insects. At the end of each story, a summarizing, one-sentence moral was provided (in case the lesson wasn't already clear.) For all of these paintings, I have a moral in mind but I am keeping that secret; I want each viewer to find his/her own moral in the painting. I'm curious...what moral do you see here? (Just for fun, try to encapsulate your moral in a single sentence.)


Snap said…
It isn't really a moral, but I thought freedom comes in all shapes and sizes! Love this painting.
Anonymous said…
So happy to see this! As a moral, how about: no matter how big and rich you are you can't keep songs/freedom caged. I know, kinda lame. ( :

(I looked at IG after a long hiatus and saw you had posted there. And you inspired me to post a bunch of my own work - at elliefoot)
Unknown said…
I love all of your work and really admire your ability to accomplish so much while facing so many challenges.

My thought - "Forgetting to lock up your treasures (talents) may result in sharing them with the world."
Loulou in Texas said…
This is such a delightful painting!