Blind Contour Yearbook Friends

Last week, Tammy of Daisy Yellow did a live stream on Instagram, demonstrating blind contour portraiture on index cards. I was subsequently inspired to do a few of these portraits myself using my old friends from Hughes High School's Class of '25 as subjects of my wonky portrait play. I actually do blind contour drawing almost every year with my middle school students as a drawing warm-up/"getting to know each other" game and it always generates smiles and giggles. However, I forget to do these myself so I was grateful to Tammy for the reminder to relax and get silly. 

These are in a Stillman & Birn hardcover Beta sketchbook; I finally finished Volume 1 of Sparks of Madness so it's time to start Volume 2! I drew from the reference photos (mostly without peeking,) colored with Tombow markers, and then added a few more details with a fine point technical pen.

Quick, fun, and betcha can't do just one!


iHanna said…
I saw that too, and thought it looked fun to do, and then watercolor. Love how you work in a series and return to the same subject like this, they're fab. I hope you're enjoying summer a bit too?

Take care.
Anonymous said…
These look like so much fun! I've done a bit of blind contour drawing, but never really moved into finishing them. Great idea to try.
Loulou in Texas said…
These are terrific! I'm glad to see that you are working with your Yearbook Friends again.