Art Always Finds a Way Through

Taking stock,
Leaving a digital post-it note
To reference later
When things get tough:

I've had 11 benign masses removed to date
(All but two from my feet.)
No guarantees that a 12th won't arise.
I've lost three bones from my right wrist
And subsequently had that wrist completely fused
With bone dug out of my hip.
My left radius has been shortened.
Two tendons have been released via scalpel,
One in my wrist, one on a toe.
I've gained two titanium plates
And 12 screws.
For variety,
April 2013 brought a diagnosis of
Young Onset Parkinson's,
Solving a decade of mystery symptoms.
Sprinkle in a few migraines each month
And I am a limping, shaking, painful mess.
And yet,
I am still standing.
(Not right now
But soon.)
Art always finds a way through.

And with the art comes

From their sick beds,
Fragile & failing
But fearless,
Henri & Frida showed me the way:
I will tremor,
I will hurt,
I will be constrained
But as long as I reach for my art
I will always be free.


Janet said…
Courage is the greatest strength.
Hope the shining light that guides us from the dark.
Both your artwork and your courage are amazing and inspiring to me!
Debbie said…
Oh my goodness! You sure have been going through a lot of tough things. And, through it all, you keep on doing your art. I'm amazed! I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way. I do enjoy seeing all your artwork, and hope you are able to continue for many more years to come.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful and inspiring words. Hope your recovery is going well!

Karen Campbell said…
So sorry for all you have gone through with your health issues, Michelle. But it is so inspiring to see how you have soldiered on with your art :)
Loulou in Texas said…
I'm thankful you still have the strength to keep reaching for your art. It brings so much joy to others.
Stay strong -- and make art!