A Road Bump, Not a Road Block

So I lost a lot of sleep last night over this stupid Photobucket screw-over but this morning, I woke up with ideas and resolve. Sometimes what feels like a dog pile needs to be interpreted as a kick in the ass from the universe. I've been dithering over creating a website for years, mostly because I felt leaping from a blog to an official website meant I was taking real ownership of my "artisthood" and deep down, I wasn't sure I was worthy of such a designation. Enough already: it is time to set aside reservations and claim my space in the wider world of professional artists.

The real anxiety-producing issue is that this new challenge is really poorly timed: I am still early in my post-op recovery (not able to drive so that makes life extra inconvenient) and I am in the middle of preparing for huge, exciting changes in work this fall. Somehow I am going to have to fit in preserving my blog archive, pulling 1550+ photos off of Photobucket, and building a website from the ground up. Cue hair-pulling and sense of overwhelm! Luckily, I had already been dabbling in Wix for work. It is mostly drag & drop designing so it might not be as difficult as I fear.

In the meantime, I'll be uploading photos directly to Blogger. There are size & storage limits and Blogger has an annoying "auto resize" feature but it'll do for now. I'll have to find a different option for hosting videos...maybe I'll just post to YouTube and temporarily drop the idea of a more formalized online class. I think the best solution will be a central website where I can have a blog (hopefully with all my past posts,) photo gallery, and shop/class site. It will just take time which is in pretty short supply right now. *breathe*

I deeply appreciate all your love and support! I have tried to live as if obstacles thrown in my way - whether they are health issues, financial restrictions, or crooked corporations - are just annoyances to be conquered, road bumps rather than road blocks. The ride might get rough and but I will continue onward.

PS: Here's another great article on what Photobucket is doing to its customers.


JShelby said…
Yikes! I'm not financially able to commit to you on patreon, but I hear good things if you want to go that route. You would definitely be a good fit for it, especially with how-to videos.
Also ... breathe. Don't panic.
Anonymous said…
Michelle - I've been thinking over your situation a lot since your other post. I had one idea that may be unlikely and far fetched but what the heck - I'm throwing it out there anyway.

What if you were to try to get an unpaid intern to help you deal with the photo backlog? A H.S. or college student interested in web work or fine arts. Or a non- student looking to get some experience. OR, are there arts grants out there you could look into that could provide funds for a small amt of $ you could pay an intern? Lastly, could you barter with someone (they could help with the backlog in return for some art or a lesson in sonething?)

You may have already been thinking these over but in case they're helpful I wanted to share.
Anonymous said…
So glad that options are presenting themselves. As you say, sometimes it takes huge disruption to help us find a better path - although the timing definitely could be better. Hang in there!
- Ellie
iHanna said…
Wow, those working for the company Photobucket must be ashamed of how their policy affect people. I hope you can get your photos back and up. I host all my photos on FLICKR and if they would do this I'd freak out too, they already made so many strange changes there.

I'm on wordpress if you go that rout, let me know if you have questions!

Loulou in Texas said…
What a hassle! But glad you're moving onward.