Home Resting

Home from the hospital this morning after my foot surgery on Tuesday. I have three separate incisions on my left foot as my surgeon had to work on three different issues. He encountered some abnormal tissue deep in my foot surrounding the largest fibroma (in my arch) and was unable to do any internal stitching there. So only the surface of my foot is stitched together.  This means I have to be extra careful with weight-bearing as the wound is more prone to bleeding and opening. Of the six foot surgeries I've had now, this is easily the most painful and just might be in the top five most painful of the 13 procedures I've had so far.

I'm giving myself a little time to spend mostly sleeping and watching TV and then I am going to try and get back into the swing of life as fast as my foot healing allows. I might have to take things a bit slower than in the past but I just need to keeping reminding myself that I always get through.

In art-related news, I actually managed to film 3/4ths of a class before the surgery! I filmed how to gut a book and recover it. It isn't perfect but it is a start. Once I can climb a chair again (so I can focus the tripod-mounted camera above my head,) I'll film the last part on how to bind in your own signatures. What I did record will give me some footage to edit. I also took more pictures of my journal pages so I'll have images to pair with posts in the coming weeks. So give me a little time for a few long naps and I'll be back more regularly in this space.

Note: The picture here was taken at my staff retreat in Junction City, CA. Lots of oddball issues with the vacation home our school had rented for this event as well as a week of 100+ degree weather but it was definitely pretty to look at.


Mary Jo said…
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Michelle!!
I hope you get well soon Michelle :)
Anonymous said…
Hope you are starting to feel better, Michelle. Sounds like this could be a long road, but at least this surgery is over. Take your time, rest, take your time. I'm super excited about your tutorial, but we can definitely wait.

Loulou in Texas said…
I apologize for not having been online lately to send you words of encouragement. You've had to endure so much pain, and I know that what many of us take for granted is hard for you to accomplish with your limitations. Please know that you are an inspiration to your readers, and we're all wishing you the best.