Sketching Memories

I read somewhere once that it is hard to remember the pain of childbirth clearly because your body is then flooded with happy-making hormones so you can bond with your baby. Hmmm...something similar happens with the school year as the beginning and even the middle is so wonderful and then I realize I had forgotten the INSANITY of the last few weeks. The energy level is somewhere between whitewater river and simmering volcano. I come home exhausted, thankful to just stare at a blank, white wall for a while in utter, blissful silence. Then, as time for art-making is ever dwindling, I peel myself off the couch and stumble to the studio table a few feet away to recharge.

I've returned to my sketchbook in anticipation of teaching observational drawing again in the fall and I love the peaceful, engaging effort of looking and really seeing all while trying to record the lines, shadows, shapes, and colors before me. I'd like to do a sketchbook filled entirely with drawings of toys; a while back I was completely inspired by my wind-up collection sketches. Here I begin that project with sketches of some toy cars that belonged to my youngest brother Sam, whom I lost to a rare brain cancer when he was eighteen. These cars were passed along to my son Daniel. Daniel has long grown beyond pushing toys in the dirt and making engine noises in some great construction yard of his imagination but I can't bear to throw these playthings out. Through them, I touch my brother and don't want to let go.


Anonymous said…
Michelle - PLEASE don't throw those trucks away! You'll regret it if you do. Daniel might have boys someday & they'll enjoy playing with the Tonka trucks & the other trucks. I KNOW. We had a son (1 child only) who played with his Dad's Hot Wheels cars/trucks. When Ben got married, he & his wife have 2 boys. Now those 2 boys play with those same Hot Wheels cars & trucks. Those Hot Wheels must be over 50 yrs old now.

My Barbie Doll was given away & is gone now. I wish I had her now.

LOVE your sketches of the vehicles!! KEEP those sketches too! :)
from a fan,
Grandma Nancy in central IL

Anonymous said…
What a wonderful thing to start a sketchbook of these treasured toys!
Loulou in Texas said…
Great sketches that serve up fond memories!
I saved some of my children's toys, and my grandchildren have happily played with them. Like you, I can't bear to part with them, either. I've got them stored away in the attic now.