Monday, May 29, 2017

For Sale: Rubber Stamp Destash

I am selling about 80 percent of my rubber stamp collection and today, I present four stamp lots for sale. Here are the details:
  • I have treated my stamps gently over the years. That said, these are used stamps and the rubber is stained. This does not affect future stampings. I will clean each stamp again before shipping but I want to be clear that these are NOT brand new stamps. (There are many though that I've only used maybe once or twice.)
  • These stamps will be sold in the pictured lots only, not individually.
  • Wood-mounted stamps are heavy to ship so I will be mailing these within the United States only via USPS priority flat-rate shipping. The listed price includes $10 to go toward shipping/packaging costs. I will email you a tracking number once I ship so make sure the email and physical address associated with your Paypal payment is correct.
  • Shipping will take place once your Paypal payment successfully transfers into my bank account, a process that can take 2 to 4 business days, depending on when you send payment. (Payments made on a weekend sometimes take a bit longer to process.) 
  • All sales are final.
  • Thank you for your support!

Lot #1: Asian-themed Stamps $35 (includes $10 for USPS Priority/Flat Rate Shipping)

Lot #2: Asian-themed Stamps $40 (includes $10 for USPS Priority/Flat Rate Shipping)

Lot #3: Nature Stamps *SOLD* Thank you Carol!

Lot #4: Nature Stamps $45 (includes $10 for USPS Priority/Flat Rate Shipping)


Carol Scott said...

Just found you!! Love your blog. Have you sold you stamp lots? I'm interested if you haven't sold the bottom 2.

Michelle Reuss-Remy said...

Hi Carol!
Welcome to Lost Coast Post! If I sell something via my blog, I mark the item as "sold" and take down the PayPal button immediately so there's no mix-ups. These stamp lots are still available as of this minute. Thanks for looking & thanks for reading! - Michelle

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