Life Picks Up the Pace

Life is about to get crazier for me in the next couple of months. I meet with my foot surgeon this afternoon to discuss my next surgery (right foot this time) which will most likely happen the third week in June. This means I need to get a major jump start on work for my October show since a large part of my summer vacation will be spent recuperating. And since things are changing at work in the fall, I need to spend time developing lesson plans and curriculum for a new art program I'm looking forward to implementing. Of course, I have all my ongoing projects, large and small, in journals and out. It will be good to keep this Soul Stories page about balance in mind as I plunge into the coming weeks. As far as Lost Coast Post is concerned, you can look forward to a bit of everything including show prep, more yearbook portraits, art for sale, journaling, drawing, maybe even some sewing if I can manage it.


Anonymous said…
The next surgery doesn't sound like much fun, but so great that you will be able to use your recuperation to work on so many things. I'm really looking forward to seeing what pops up on the blog.
gretchen said…
Best wishes, Michelle... I have no doubt that you'll make good use of your downtime - you always do!
Loulou in Texas said…
I really enjoy seeing your journal page layouts. Love the flower for the ballerina's tutu, and the list of Favorite Orange Things is a great idea for a journal prompt.
Even though you have some serious issues ahead of you, you're looking to the future with thoughtful plans to help you reach your goals. Balance is a good word that you've chosen to keep in mind!