Lost Coast Post Society 6 Shop Now Open!

This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time but I needed to have the right equipment to do it: open a Society 6 shop so I could offer my art on clothes, home decor, and other goodies. Now that I have a camera good enough to take the high resolution photos needed for printing, I am taking the leap.

For those of you who might not know, Society 6 is a company that allows artists to offer on-demand printing of their art. Society 6 does the printing, billing, & shipping, takes their cut for that work, and then I get a bit of money per item sold. I decided to begin slowly with one piece of art at a time on a few things including my absolute favorite - pouches!

In all honesty, these canvas pouches are really my primary reason for opening a Society 6 storefront; I had read good things about the quality of these pouches. I am somewhat of a "pencil pouch-o-holic" so the idea of having my art made into such a fun and useful object was very exciting. I uploaded art and then ordered one for myself to see how it would turn out. I am so pleased! Sturdy and neat construction, three size options (the medium size pouch is pictured,) and excellent printing. 

And bonus! Starting today (March 1, 2017) and running through Saturday March 4 (11:59 pm PST,) you can get free shipping on everything + 20% off pouches! (Clothing, totes, & phone cases too but I don't have any of that stuff yet in my particular shop.) Society 6 offers this type of deal periodically so I'll keep you up-to-date on any sales that are running and any new art I upload. For now, you find my mixed media owl piece, "By the Light of the Moon," in my shop available on select items. (Some products require gigantic and/or specifically-shaped photos so I am starting out with what I can do with the camera/computer/editing program I have right now.) If this seems like a worthwhile way to generate a bit of income from my art, I'll expand my offerings. Seriously though, getting my art officially printed on a pencil pouch is something I'm checking off my "art bucket list!"


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Michelle! So happy to see this - I'll be getting my order in before the end of the day.
Ryusho 龍昇 said…
Wow, this is way neat. I like the pouch and shall order one as soon as I quit jabbering here. Mainly I wanted to once again say how much I appreciate you keeping blog going and also keeping it tied to your art. I only stumbled upon you a little over a year or so ago. What caught m eye was your style and color. I've spent most of my art life trapped, as it were in a color palate and unable to break free no matter what I tried. No gimmick or trick seemed to ever free me. The pallet was/is not bad, I simply wanted to get unstuck or break out of jail. I"m not completely free, not sure that will ever happen. The degree of 'freedom' is irrelevant actually now that I have begun to shift. The shift away from the old towards an emerging new I attribute to you. I kept looking at your work and then I suddenly found myself using brighter colors that I had never used but wanted to all along. They aren't your colors, not your pallet, and they weren't mine either before. I hope this makes sense. And now that I am checking off a big bucket list item I'll be interested in seeing what other artistic changes occur. The bucket list item was: before I die to live in a place where it snows a lot and dependably. So I now live in Syracuse NY and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I've never lived where this is so much snow. Yet since early childhood I've always wanted to and felt deprived with every move that didn't bring me closer to snow. So now I've gone and done it and looking forward to what will probably be the last big adventure in this lifetime, though nothing is certain.

Thank you for your work and your continuing efforts.

Snap said…
A girl can never have too many pouches!!!!!!!!! Too cute!
Hello Michelle the pouch is so nice. Congratulations on your shop, I went and had a look and love how your design looks on all the products! Best wishes for your new venture :D)
Loulou in Texas said…
That's so great that you've opened this shop! Congratulations!