A Belated Blog Beginning for 2017

As the calendar flipped from 2016 to 2017, I kept telling myself "I'll blog when I feel better" or "Once I turn the corner, I'll get back to posting." Well, I finally decided that I needed to jump back in regardless of health circumstances. I know that the longer I am away from something, the harder it is to return.

My foot surgery was December 13 and I am still battling my way through complications, both related and unrelated to the surgery. My slow recovery has involved some invasive and painful procedures that leave me drained and disheartened. I am still off work and minimally weight-bearing on my foot. Art has happened in very small, erratic bursts so I don't have too much to show for the last five weeks. Yesterday I had my first lengthy and focused art session in the studio since the surgery so hopefully that milestone heralds the coming of the "corner" I needed to turn. (And to think I might be going through this all over again in July...*sigh*)

While I haven't made a lot of art, I have done a great deal of thinking about art. I've watched many movies and shows that speak to my artistic sensibilities. I've read books about art and artists. I've visited artist websites and blogs. In between doctors' appointments, procedures, bandage changes, wound care, pain meds, and naps, I've tried to infuse my thoughts with beauty, color, and inspiration. I've been sowing creative seeds and I hope that when my body is ready, I'll be able to reap the bounty of projects that I've been nurturing in my brain.

Things get tough. That's the way life goes. After 12 surgeries, I know that I always go through a very physically difficult/emotionally fragile time that usually runs from right before I get stitches out to about three, four weeks after physical therapy starts. I cry a lot and get extremely frustrated with life in general and my less-than-healthy body in particular. However, I have hope that the main complication - an infected incision - is on the mend. I had my first post-op PT evaluation last week so I'd like to think that the hardest days are dwindling. I am very lucky that I have an incredible medical team that has been providing my care for years and who are familiar with the intricacies of my health challenges. From my primary care doctor to my surgeon, hospitalist, pharmacist, and physical therapist, I feel heard, cared for, and supported. I also have a wonderful boss and coworkers who stepped in to make sure I am not wanting for food or company. So it is just a matter of patience and time.

All in all, I thought I jump back into blogging even if I'm not quite back on my feet, even it is just to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you, dear readers, and that I am eager to get back to this space.


DianeH said…
Michelle, I'm sending you good thoughts and prayers for continued improvement. I love your posts and the whimsical artwork you do. Cheers!!
gretchen said…
thinking of you, michelle. i really like the way you framed this current period as "sowing creative seeds" and "nurturing projects in your brain". we need to remember that it ALL counts, and that even our less outwardly productive times can eventually contribute just as much to our life's work. best wishes to you!!
Leone said…
Anonymous said…
Even with all that you are dealing with, it's so inspiring that you are - and have been - forging ahead. Those seeds that have been sown will be sprouting soon. Glad that you have such a great medical team to help ease the way back to health, however long it takes. Take care and don't rush the process!
So glad to see you are back Michelle.There are no guaranties in life but i believe the power lies within us. It is so ok and needed to cry at times of frustration.You will get better soon.Meanwhile put the anger in your art and in the end you will have a full exhibition :)
Unknown said…
I am happy you feel up to blogging, Michelle. Recovering is hard work, I know. I am sending you light to hold you. Take care, Margarite.
Loulou in Texas said…
Hi, Michelle! I've been away from my computer for awhile, so I'm just now catching up on your blogs. You've been in my thoughts, and I'm so sorry that your recovery from your surgery has been so challenging. Wishing you good health and good cheer!
Hugs, Loulou