Continuing Inktober at My Own Pace

As predicted, life got in the way of completing the Inktober challenge within the month of October. Out of town travel was a monkey wrench in my efforts that I saw coming but it still threw me off track immediately. I never really got back on worries. I have completely enjoyed this series of illustrations (especially the theme & color scheme) so I'm going to keep going until I finish 31 drawings. It might very well take me until next October to accomplish this challenge so you've been warned. If I'm posting Halloween-themed drawings at Valentine's and the Fourth of July, you'll know why. I'm big on breaking the confines of "rules" these days in order to adapt to what my body needs so I'm continuing Inktober at my own pace.

Another heads-up: I am having my twelfth surgery in mid-December; left foot again this time around. I've known for a while now that this fibroma surgery was going to have to happen but a visit to the foot surgeon last month resulted in planning for surgery much sooner than later. I usually schedule surgeries for summer break when I have lots of free time for recovery but the surgeon was concerned that waiting six more months - given how fast these latest growths are progressing - would mean a much more complicated surgery. So...back under the knife I go. Five weeks until surgery day; the countdown is on. Lots to do before then: three pre-op appointments, Thanksgiving with family, Christmas shopping/making/decorating, new unit starting today at school (illuminated manuscripts and the study/performance of Midsummer Night's Dream,) the second of two annual housing inspections, and art...loads of glorious art! Never a dull moment!


Anonymous said…
Your drawings made me smile this morning, so many thanks for that. Hope all will go okay with the surgery.