Inktober 2016

I confess that I'm not terrific at participating in online art challenges; my life just doesn't seem to remain steady and predictable so I can rely on enough time to see things through. However, every little bit I do adds up and occasionally, I do manage to complete something despite the constant roadblocks. In this spirit, I am trying to participate in Inktober this year as much as possible. This has grown into a very popular challenge since illustrator Jake Parker started it in 2009; I believe he said in a recent Facebook post that upwards of 200,000 people are posting art this year with the Inktober hashtag.

I like this challenge because it is deceptively simple: every day in October, create a drawing in ink (pre-drawing in pencil allowed.) However, for mixed media artists who are used to playing with every medium known to man all at once, it can be really hard to pare down to such basic supplies and technique. I find it very refreshing and I love the reconnection I feel to drawing.

I am working in an "old school Moleskine" (i.e. before Moleskine reduced the quality of their journal paper.) I'll never, ever buy another Moleskine (it is Stillman & Birn forever & always for me now) but this is a Moleskine I acquired years ago when my local Borders went under and the paper is wonderfully thick, cream-colored stock that is fantastic for dry drawing media.

I started this challenge thinking that I would just draw random, unconnected things so I began with a sweet little gnome under his mushroom home. I just couldn't resist the call of October though; this month brings all sorts of creepy, oddball, and weird images out of the shadows in celebration of Halloween and the Day of the Dead. This is my most favorite month of the year so I quickly decided to focus on creatures for as long as I feel inspired to do so. Thus, Frankenstein showed up on Day 2 of my Inktober, complete with his "I [heart] Science" badge. Of course, I'm already behind: the drawings are up-to-date but I haven't inked them. No worries...I'll keep moving forward even if I'm behind and see where I end up. As per the challenge guidelines, I'll post my drawings as they happen. Hope you enjoy them...


Good morning Michelle.I was thinking about inktober and i saw your post.Are you following the prompts? I will join, too, but i have no intention to follow the prompts.I will just draw something to my liking.By the way, i guess your art show is approaching.I know all will go well. Happy creating...