Extraordinary Destinations

When I journal these days, it is mostly in what I call the "Mini Unexpected Convergences" journal. There was a full size "Convergences" journal once upon a time and I liked that one so much that I decided to do another one in a smaller version. This journal is different from almost all other journals I have in progress because it is non-compartmentalized; it doesn't have a set theme or goal. I slather extra paint onto its pages and then when I get around to the embellishment/journaling part, I just do whatever comes to mind in the moment. The spread was really all about experimentation and practice, just a day playing and meditating with art supplies. I used to write exhaustingly in my journals but I think somewhere along the way, I said most of what I needed to say to myself. Thus, my art journals are more art than journaling. That's okay because the beautiful thing about art journals is that they can be whatever you need/wish/want them to be. Sometimes I need a focused, goal-oriented project and sometimes...okay, a lot of times...I just need a playground.


Loulou in Texas said…
Nice spread! And I agree; sometimes "I just need a playground!"