Busy Days Ahead

After a stressful week split almost equally between teaching and doctors' offices, I stayed close to home this weekend to treat myself to lots of uninterrupted art time. I got a lot of necessary chores done too but mostly I puttered about the house and studio, slinging paint and binge-watching Netflix. I didn't leave the comfort of home until late yesterday afternoon, heading out to the local zoo to celebrate "International Red Panda Day." There were entirely too many people for my taste and it was blisteringly hot but it felt good to get outside. When there aren't so many people to get in the way of seeing the animals, our little local zoo is crazy inspiring. This small jaunt was just about getting out of the house, chatting with friends, and enjoying some beautiful weather. That mission accomplished, I returned home and spent the balance of the evening on the couch. Today I begin another work week. The kids are all in the middle of their Great Expectations comic books now, transferring their rough draft sketches into the final draft. They have two weeks to work on this project in earnest and then it is onward to travel journaling to prepare them for their trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. For my part, when I'm not teaching or recuperating from teaching, I'll be preparing for next weekend's "Pastels on the Plaza." My show, Figmenta, goes up early next week...busy, busy days ahead. 


Madelyn said…
Good luck with Figmenta. I always look forward to your posts. I would love to attend but I'm on the east coast. Would love to see a video of the event! Madelyn
Loulou in Texas said…
Gosh, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a red panda! How interesting!
Hope you can keep getting some periods on the couch to recuperate. Take care.