Figmenta Rises Bit by Bit

I'm a bit behind here at Lost Coast Post because work on the show has complete command of my attention right now. If you were to wander through my studio, it would probably seem as if I'm not making much progress: there are unfinished projects all over the place. Currently, nine small canvases are drying in my tiny kitchen so that I can move on to the next stage with them. I try to end each day with a painting session after the dishes are done so that everything can be dry and ready to go in the morning. However, dinner might have to be take-out tonight so that I don't have to disturb my work.

In between painting sessions, I am working on an assemblage series. In my previous post, I showed you some plain wood blocks. All those blocks are now covered in paper: fronts, backs, and sides. I won't be touching them again until I get into the final assembly stage but I am eager to see how these work together with the heads I'm creating in clay.

Yesterday I completed the last 5 (out of 13!) sculpted heads and in about a week, they should be completely dry. Meanwhile, I'll start painting & embellishing the ones that are already dry, a fun but lengthy step-by-step process. I'm excited though because as I complete the heads, this project will really start to crystallize and come alive. This idea has been a long time in coming (my first sketch for this series dates back to 2012) and it is a more than a little thrilling to see that random note becoming reality. My show title, Figmenta, is becoming more appropriate by the day, as I transform scattered figments of my imagination from barely-articulated whims into real life objects. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the next few weeks, I'll have a lot more completed pieces so my usual panic about not having enough to hang will diminish. For now, I just need to keep working away on all the individual parts and trust that things will start to come together.


Anonymous said…
It is so much fun to see this coming together!
Loulou in Texas said…
Looks like great progress to me! Can hardly wait to see what you do with those heads.