I will never tire of the sculpting process and this is my favorite part. As I work the clay, the characters I envision begin as ghosts; since I do no sketches prior to smoothing the clay onto the armature, I have no concrete idea what the final piece will look like once paint is applied. I have to believe that my subconscious will guide my fingers towards a character that "works" in the end. As I add the shading and details, the sculpt comes alive and if I've trusted the process, the resulting character feels like it existed fully visualized all along. It is as close to magic as I can get in my studio.

I think at this point I can reveal that this series is called "Cyborg Relations" and that it's destined to be part of Figmenta; however, I'll leave it at that until all the heads are painted and I'm ready to start bringing the parts together into the final forms. I do hope the process will start moving along at a faster clip once the heads are complete since that is the most time-consuming part of this project. I feel like my distraction-free studio time is slipping through my fingers and that I don't have much done. I need to keep focusing on each individual work day and not get mired in the gradually-rising anxiety within as summer winds down and show premiere date looms with the onset of fall. 

Thank you to all for joining me on this journey and for your enthusiastic and encouraging comments. Creating a large body of work for a show can be a lonely, exhausting endeavor and it has been nice to have a cheering section as I try to bring Figmenta to fruition. 


Emie58 said…
My favorite is the one with the orange hair!
Anonymous said…
These truly are magical! Just awesome.

Loulou in Texas said…
What a variety of head shapes and features! I love seeing how they've come into their own little world, and I like how you've placed them on the mat so that we can see the various sizes.