A Parliament of Hooligans

as yet untitled; 12x36-inches gallery deep canvas; acrylics & vintage paper
Work on my show, Figmenta, is progressing very slowly but steadily. This is the painting I completed last week, the beginning of a series I'm calling "Woodland Hoodlums." This piece in particular is going to be titled either "The Hooligan Gang" or "Members of Parliament." (A group of owls is called a "parliament.") Figmenta will be different this year in that instead of consisting of a single, cohesive set of paintings, the show will be comprised of several series, each with its own look and technical style. I'm a bit worried that the final pieces will all look a bit disjointed when hung together but 1) it is too early to worry about that, 2) right now I just need to do the work, 3) my old way of doing things was boring me, and 4) I am giving in to my every whim, every figment of an idea that is floating my way. 

Next week, I will start working on some smaller pieces - preparing multiple canvases at once - so hopefully, I will move more of my canvas stash from the "blank" pile to the "done" pile. This photo captures the stack of small canvases waiting-in-the-wings; I have some large ones as well but I'd like to get these small pieces done first before I turn my attention to something really big and complex. We'll see how far I get in the next few weeks...


Anonymous said…
The title of the post with the picture made me laugh out loud. Wonderful work, Michelle!
Just looking at the picture with all the empty canvases i think "this woman is brave". You are doing great Michelle :)
Loulou in Texas said…
I agree with Ellie -- great title for the post, and for the artwork, as well. I don't think I've ever heard of a "parliament of owls." Every member of that gang looks like he has quite an interesting story to tell.