Summertime Crystal Ball

Ah, summer break! There's a couple days left in the 2015-2016 school year but they are filled with a beach field trip, barbecue, "Olympic" games, and graduations. The bulging "Lost & Found" will be hung outside to encourage reclamation of wayward clothing. The kitchen is being scrubbed until it shines. The school bunny will find a summer home. Someone will be assigned to care for the chickens and gardens while school is out. All displays and bulletin boards will be cleared and an avalanche of papers will be sent to parents. I'll do an intense organization and clean up of my office so it will be ready for me to return in August. 

As I look ahead to late June, July, and early August, I see a lot of painting in my future. I see lots of journal play and creature doodling. I'll do plenty of art play with purpose: summer is when I develop new lessons for the fall slate of classes. I also spy a bounty of jewelry projects that have been waiting for some quality down time to come to fruition. (I craft almost all my own jewelry and every summer I make a bunch of pieces to wear in the new school year. Pictured here are just a few of the things I made last summer.)

I also see a fresh, rainbow-soaked fabric project in my future. I recently made a very simple banner for my balcony garden and I thoroughly enjoyed using my sewing machine again. So, in a burst of enthusiasm, I reacquainted myself with the quilting books in my library and then sorted through my rather embarrassing fabric stash. I got all those fat quarters organized by color - lightest to darkest - and the entire pile is waiting patiently to become patchwork.