Revelations of a Journal Page

So this is one of those journal pages where I think "What in the hell was I thinking!?" I'm just messing around in this large mixed media journal but this page is waaay out there. I think it really shows how uncomfortable I've become with collage as a primary technique to create focal imagery and in that respect, this page is very instructive and encouraging. It feels more natural (and fun) now to draw and/or paint an image than to construct it from bits of images from someone else, even if I render those images unrecognizable from their original incarnation. I'll never abandon collage all together: I still love to use collaged papers in the backgrounds of my paintings and I have several smaller journals with collage as the central technique. However, when it comes to creature creation, I am finally at a place where I love and trust my ability to generate imagery from my imagination. That has been a long-term goal of mine that I've voiced here & there over the years at Lost Coast Post. I still utilize references to get proportions correct (Dover is the best source for copyright-free inspiration) but this page, in all its awkwardness and wackiness, helped me realize that I've reached a place where I can make the things I imagine come to life AND like them!


Anonymous said…
I like this page, Michelle, but it's great that you are trusting your talent to bring your imagination out!
Loulou in Texas said…
I especially like the layers and the mark-making on this one. I'm glad it helped you to realize what you really want to focus on in the future.