Protector. Avenger. Detective. Champion.

Still just spending my spare moments messing around with paint and paper, using this time to work out details and techniques before I hit the ground running full speed with show production once work ends in six weeks. At that point, I'll be in the studio all day, every day trying to make good use of my 2-1/2 months of vacation. There'll be a few doctors' visits too as I've had to put off a few things until work obligations are complete. But mostly, it will be lots of long, lovely hours spent painting monsters. (Just might be constructing some creatures too...)

The only point of this random page was to practice working with a palette knife. I'm changing up how I render my creatures and critters (less polished/more painterly) so I've been reacquainting myself with using something other than brushes to apply paint to canvas. I'm also working more with heavy body acrylics which hold peaks in the paint, allowing for more texture. All of this experimentation will come in handy when I sit down to get serious about pieces for my October show.

Of course, I couldn't resist adding a little character, a wee forest guardian who steadfastly defends the majestic redwoods with his tiny spear and flowered helm.


Jennifer Shelby said…
He is a truly striking character! I love the trees you've painted here. I'm not sure what it is about them, but they stand out and catch my attention right away.
Loulou in Texas said…
I like the trees and the character as well, but one thing I really like about this piece is that it keeps me engaged. There are so many interesting things going on, and I find myself looking at it longer to try to figure out what techniques you have used. Nice work!