Newest Members of the Menagerie

I recently took my art students through the creation of clay animals sculptures inspired by the wood carvings of Oaxaca, Mexico. As usual, the kids rocked the project (pictures forthcoming once the varnishing process is complete.) I always manage to create lots of samples as I progress through a lesson plan so this newest set of clay creatures is what showed up when the samples were finally finished.

My poor llama suffers from an embarrassing overbite so she thought perhaps a side view would be the most flattering. I took pictures of her buck teeth but she implored me not to post them ("Once on the internet, it's there forever," she gently reminded me.)
Mr. Armadillo is all stretched out here so you can admire his lovely spots courtesy of the end of a paintbrush. This guy was fun to welcome to my growing clay menagerie as I enjoyed trying to create something a bit more realistic-loooking.

Finally, a common cat and dog showed up, dressed in uncommon colors and patterns. The pup has a perpetual playful tilt to his head that "Hey! Can you  play?" I have been experimenting with tilting the heads of my creatures, whether I'm working in pencil, pen, paint, or clay. A little shift of the head to the side and the characters seem a bit more lively, cheeky, and present.


Anonymous said…
I love them all. I tried to think which was my "Favorite". Not one but all of them. If I can ever get this house and yard finished, I'm going to start working on some critters of my own. I do love the llama and the dog.. . .Madelyn
Heidi said…
Oh I love your Menagerie! My dog would tilt his head just like your little doggie. They are all fabulous.
Anonymous said…
These are absolutely adorable!