Let Them Eat Cupcake

I posted just once last week because my dinosaur of a desktop computer finally gave up on life. It has been stumbling along for years now and honestly, I'm surprised the ancient machine hung on as long as it did. Luckily, I had already created an "ark" for almost all the photos and documents stored there so its death wasn't overly traumatic in that regard. However, the old computer's demise meant the loss of my beloved copy of Photoshop 7. [*sniff*] So I've been trying to figure out how to edit photos in a new, rather clunky program on my MacBook Pro and the learning curve is steep, practically vertically in fact. In addition, I'm still not entirely comfortable with the Mac in general so I'm having trouble saving things where I want them and finding them again. Photos here may be a little "off" until I find my rhythm. A couple more weeks and I'll have plenty of time to devote to learning new technology such as my woefully analog brain will allow.

Today's illustration is something I drew a couple years ago and just recently painted. I do that a lot: draw in my sketchbooks when I have drawing time and return to those doodles when I have painting time. I love the way her dress turned out; it makes a difference to leave little bits of unpainted spots that show off the white paper underneath. Many people apply watercolor with solid coverage and that eliminates stark highlights which provide depth and liveliness. 


JShelby said…
I love the way you use watercolours
Loulou in Texas said…
So much detail went into Miss Maude. Cute and clever!