Filling Spare Moments with Play

Just under a month to go and I'll be able to throw myself full tilt into work for my show. In the meantime, I'm just messing' around in various journals: flinging, brushing, scraping, scratching paint. Here and there, I glue down a bit of tissue or image. I make marks, alternating between methodical and maniacal. I double back and add more paint. In short, I'm just playing, biding my time until I can get focused. Play is important though as it is the headspace in which I make new discoveries and develop fresh direction. This is one of those art play pages in a large (11x14 inch) mixed media journal. The blue feather image is a sun print and the swirly mark is a hand-carved stamp.


Loulou in Texas said…
Play is definitely important! Glad you're allowing yourself to get your juices flowing with play. Love the sun print and the hand-carved stamp images.
Seth said…
This may be just messing around -- but it is a stunner! Love the vibrant colors and all those marks.