Snow White and Rose Red

After the page titled "The Caterpillar" in my Tribe storybooking journal, I promptly created a page that is more rightfully categorized as pure illustration. All the pages in this vintage children's encyclopedia have been prepped in advance with a thin layer of acrylics. In addition, I add a collage layer a few pages at a time so I have the ability to begin anew once I finish an entry. When I completed the caterpillar, I flipped to the back and found that I had a mostly white page as my beginning substrate. I immediately thought of the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red." The ideas came so thick and fast, I forgot to journal in the background, a component that marries illustration and journaling in this "storybooking" idea of mine. No matter...I love this page in its simplicity and symmetry and it perfectly complements the story in my brain and the images in my mind's eye.

In other random ramblings, I am still dealing with that terrible congestion (and companion hacking cough) on and off, although (cross my fingers/knock on wood) it seems to be on the tail end of its assault. It must be a thing because a couple of my coworkers have been beset by the exact same set of symptoms. My doctor thought perhaps I had battled my way through a sinus infection and while I have a round of antibiotics in house in case I change my mind, I have convinced myself I'm on the upswing. In work news, I am muddling my way through, having started a new semester. My hours shifted more toward mid-morning, ending around 2pm rather than late afternoon. I thought that might make a difference in my fatigue but if anything, I'm more tired. Many days I fall asleep on the couch by 6:30 and sleep till my usual wake-up of three or four a.m. I have some new responsibilities at work, including working one-on-one with a special education child, so I think this constant state of grogginess might just be my new normal until I can get a few days off in a row. Fortunately, that will come soon in the form of Presidents' Week break!


Anonymous said…
What a fantastic page! Love the girls and the bear - it truly is a full story without words. Hope you continue to feel a bit better. Winter is always hard for me in terms of grogginess - when the sun disappears, I feel like I have to hibernate. Fortunately, I live in Colorado so we have more days of sun than not.
I haven't been by your blog for several months and had fun looking back at your posts. Hope your cold/ sinus/cough/symptoms are gone soon.
Aimeslee Winans said…
Entertaining page! Take care of yourself, xoxo.