Embracing a Wild Notion

My 800th post since May 2006:

I don't do a lot of two-page spreads in my journals but here's an exception. This is from my "Tribe" storybooking journal, an obvious homage to Red Riding Hood. This is a pretty standard entry which evolved in a fairly normal, predictable fashion except for one little unplanned detail that delighted me to no end, a fabulous incident of serendipity that made me shout aloud and sent my son running upstairs to see what all the fuss was about.

I had the roof for Grandma's house cut, ready to fashion the standard kindergarten house: a rectangle topped with a triangle. However, I wasn't totally thrilled with the paper pattern I had chosen so I was aimless digging through my cigar box of scraps just in case something else caught my attention. Sure enough, my eye spied an illustration from a vintage encyclopedia entry on illuminated manuscripts. Oooh! That little arch looked like it would be perfect as a roof for a wee cottage. I quickly clipped and glued and moved on to finish the rest of the spread. It wasn't until much later when I saw what was hidden in plain sight in that medieval arch. Do you see it? Does it look like it could possibly be the wolf patiently waited for Little Red to knock on Grandmother's door? That image in the roof is just barely 3/8ths-inch wide so it completely escaped my notice initially. I LOVE when things like that happen, moments of delightful surprise that arise when I respond to my gut instinct without delay or thought or judgment.

Speaking of listening to my gut...this week, I played in the studio, cleaned, organized, and got caught up on things that have been simmering patiently on my mental back burners until I had the time and energy to pay attention. The more I relax, the farther my imagination expands and the more fearless I become. On impulse, I embraced a wild notion for my upcoming October show, an idea has been rattling around my subconscious since my robot army debuted almost exactly two years ago. Typically, I worry incessantly about a show's theme and content, spending months second-guessing myself even after I've started the work, but this time around, I feel completely at peace (and crazy excited.) I have just about eight months' time to manifest my idea but I'm still in the "nurturing the seed" stage so I'm not going to say too much more until I'm ready. All will be revealed in good time.


gretchen said…
love the page(s), michelle... wonderful!
Loulou in Texas said…
A perfect roof for Grandmother's house!
Keep nurturing your soul and nurturing those seeds!