Unexpected Convergences Part Deux

A few years ago, I completed altering a large (8-1/2x11-inch) Dylusions journal into a book I called "Unexpected Convergences." In case you missed it, here's the link to my Flickr album with all the pages. I really love the Dylusions journals, especially now that the entire book contains that terrific, thick cream-colored cardstock. (It used to contain a mixture of cardstock and a white drawing paper that I loathed and immediately ripped out.) That cardstock though holds up under a lot of mediums and techniques, all piled on top of one another. These journals come in an 8x8-inch size now and I have one of those waiting in the wings for just the right project. (There's also an 8x8 journal with black paper but since I haven't seen or used it, I'm not including a link...I only provide affiliate links to products I use and love!)

In the meantime, I've been working in the small Dylusions journal and it felt natural to name it "Convergences Part Deux."  While I loved the final results, the first Convergences journal felt like one of those projects that went on forever and the pages felt huge, overwhelming. This mini Convergences feels just right. I load its pages up with paint leftover from any painting project and later, in small bits of time here and there, I pull those pages together with collage and doodling. It's a nice, easy book to work in even when I'm distracted or tired. Nothing earth-shattering...just a little journaling sandbox for experimentation and play.

Note: That white on black wave doodle is pulled directly from a Lisa Congdon lesson on Creativebug. I practiced on a separate piece of cardstock and then cut it out and glued it down onto the page. Instant contrast!


I loved that right page. It is a beautiful sketch juxtaposed with the colorful background.
Unknown said…
love the mandala best. the colors and the collage behind it.
Jenny Petricek said…
This book is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

I am just about finished with my first large Dylusions journal--and it's been a great experience. I was skeptical at first because before this I'd always used books of watercolor paper, but gluing two pages together in this journal makes them strong enough for all the paint and collage I want to slather on.
Loulou in Texas said…
Beautiful pages!That white on black wave doodle is so striking on your bold colors and inspires me to use more black!